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Mobile Mechanical Services (MMS)

Our Mobile Mechanical Services (MMS) are a hallmark of our service line as we have highly skilled rail professionals geographically distributed throughout the U.S. We are ready and able to respond to our clients' emergency and non-emergency mechanical and other equipment issues where they happen. Our geography, flexibility, and commitment to keeping your equipment operating without further disruption make us the rail industry's choice. 

Mobile Mechanical Services Include: 

  • Railcar Restoration Services: 
    • Trucks and wheels (i.e. calibration and installation to specifications
    • HVAC service 
    • Couplers and draft gears (remove, inspect, and replace)
    • Renew or recondition doors, floors, seats, and windows
    • Renew wiring on 480, 120, 74-volt systems
    • Replace and renew air valves
    • 180-day and 4-year inspections
    • Single railcar testing
  • Locomotive Services: 
    • Inspections including daily, 92-day, and 1-year in accordance with FRA guidelines
    • Traction motor changes in the field
    • Troubleshooting and repairs (mechanical and electrical)
    • Upgrades and modifications
  • Freight Railcar Services: 
    • Inspections and repairs for a wide variety of freight railcars (on-demand and on-site anywhere in the United States)
    • Derailment services and repairs