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Drummac, Incorporated is recognized as an authority on and sought after for our expertise in mechanical maintenance, inspections, repairs and cleaning in the transportation industry. We are committed to delivering PERFORMANCE with our superior customer service and distinctive qualities in all aspects of our business.

What We Do

Drummac performs mechanical maintenance, inspections, repairs and cleaning, as well as providing equipment and supplies for the transportation industry with a niche in passenger rail.

Drummac started as a commercial cleaning company in 1974. We began servicing passenger rail in the 1970s and have been adding major clients since the early 1980s. Drummac is celebrating fifty (50) years in business in 2022, Drummac has been chosen and trusted by the rail industry for our commitment to quality, service and integrity. Our reputation as a professional and dedicated company is unmatched.

The Drummac Team

We are proud to have some of the best rail technicians in the industry working on the Drummac team, in field offices around the country. Our supervisors have upwards of forty (40) years of mechanical experience in freight and passenger rail. They are professional, flexible and multi-skilled individuals who lead crews of skilled tradesmen, composite mechanics, cleaners and laborers. They also work daily with on-site client personnel to ensure a smooth and successful operation. Currently, we employ in the areas of supervisors, certified mechanics, mechanical helpers, lead cleaners, cleaners and security-fire watch.


Drummac is part of the Moran group of companies, with Drummac's corporate offices located in Atlantic Beach, Florida, where all strategic and operational business functions are handled. Senior Management have offices in Atlantic Beach, but also travel and/or relocate as business operations dictate.

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